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Mykonos offers excellent untouched seashores, a plethora of watersports, archaeological and ecclesiastic institutions, while the local taverns and bars keep visitors sated and pleased.

Little Venice for the sunset

A very unique location in the vivid island of Mykonos is the Little Venice in Mykonos Town. Its romantic aura derives from the Cycladic houses with colorful balconies, perched above the Aegean Sea, their walls ever kissed by the waves. If met with the opportunity of staying at one of these seascape rooms, you can witness one of the most romantic and poetic sunsets while lounging. It’s also great to gaze at from the nearby bay of Alevkandra, as well as from one of the numerous cocktail bars with undisturbed views.

Stroll around Mykonos Town

Once you arrive in Mykonos, the main Town on the island welcomes you for the most vividly colored vacation. The traditionally whitewashed Cycladic buildings, paved alleys and pristine Aegean Sea at its feet create a fairytale-like environment to wander in. It is useful to mention that during summertime the main town’s pathways are closed for vehicles in the evening, while the best time for strolling around is in the morning. Travellers can witness an exquisite sunset from the Little Venice’s balconies, enjoy a shopping spree at the sophisticated boutiques and savor a refreshing drink at the chic cocktail bars. For an alternative to the things to do in Town, the few well-maintained museums available provide a deeper insight on the region’s past. After dusk, a plethora of bars and clubs await you for partying until dawn.

Visit the sacred island of Delos

An excellent site of ancient Greek history, the uninhabited island of Delos is a must-visit when vacationing on Mykonos. At only a 40-minute boat ride away, Delos offers a deep insight of the ancient past, having served as a major religious pilgrimage location, along with being of tremendous political importance. The Delian Games every five years, the treasury of the Delian League, Apollo’s temple congresses held and many more core utilities of the island are shown and preserved both on site at their original locations, as well as in the Delian archaeological museum.

Swim & Dance at Super Paradise beach

Situated next to the larger beach of Paradise, Super Paradise can be reached via a water-taxi or a bus. It is less organized compared to its neighbouring shore but is quite vivid throughout the summer season nonetheless. Standing as Greece’s leading gay-friendly bay, it attracts travellers from around the globe, especially during high season. Swim in its crystalline waters, enjoy the sun and dance on its golden shore to the beat of your Greek summertime.


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